CD Release Show - The Hideaway on Dunvale

The Hideaway on Dunvale, 3122 Dunvale Rd, Houston, TX 77063

Be the first to get a copy of the new Jeremiah Johnson release, "Unemployed Highly Annoyed", on Ruf Records. This is your chance to get a copy before the worldwide release on October 30th, 2020. All who are in attendance will be eligible for a one time exclusive "Pre-sale Package Deal" offer. You will get a FREE signed poster with every purchase of the new CD. (while supplies last). Jeremiah Johnson blends the sounds of the south, with Mississippi River blues and a touch of country flair. Emotionally charged southern rock, powered by the common man’s passion for life and all the struggles in-between. Songs with meaning, a powerfully persuasive voice and master class musicianship. Johnson’s early 2020 release, “Heavens to Betsy”, reached the coveted #1 spot on Billboard Blues Album Charts (for the week of April 11, 2020); his fourth consecutive release to reach the top ten. Johnson is poised to strike again with his second worldwide release, “Unemployed Highly Annoyed”, coming this October 30th, 2020. " I think we caught lightning in a bottle with this snapshot of these difficult times and is possibly my best record of my career, born from the most challenging time in my life as a musician." - Jeremiah Johnson This is a musician who is on fire, with a killer band to back it up. After you attend this live performance, your going to want to order your copy of both of his 2020 releases ASAP!